a hui hou …

Leaving the Islands has got to be tough. This fun family had their hands full with moving details, finishing up work, graduating from high school and caring for the cute toddler of a friend who had just gone into labor … but they still managed to squeeze in a beach photo session before their departure. Wishing you all the best in your new home guys, and I hope these beach memories help keep you warm 🙂

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more powerful than a locomotive …

… it’s Superfamily. Yeah, I am totally convinced that this family can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Our paths first crossed a little over a year ago when Superboy arrived (not hard to figure out that he’s the one in my website Babes gallery with the red cape and Clark Kent glasses!) And now they’re all looking forward to the arrival of his little sister. I have no doubt that she, too, will continue the unending battle for truth, justice and the American way. Guys, you are my heroes!


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holi … AWESOME …

My daughter has two families. The obvious one. And the other one, which is her gymnastics family. This is a group of girls whom I greatly admire for their grit and work ethic and team spirit. This weekend was their summer camp: sun, sand, ocean, no sleep and lots of smores. When I was trying to think up what to do for their photos this year, I came across one of my pinned images of the Indian Holi Festival, which always blows my mind for its color and pure joy. What a perfect fit! These girls spend their time covered in bars’ chalk, so I figured a bit of colored powder flying around wouldn’t bother them a bit. As you can see, they started out clean … and then it just got better.

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