be{ach} happy

I’m always more than ready to suggest a few crazy poses during a session. But I think this family could quite easily out-crazy me. Plus they love the beach as much as I do. You guys are da best 🙂 We did some jumping and some sliding and some lifting. And, yes, we did a few of the “proper” photos, too.

The end of our session was reserved for a few special solos with their high school grad. He just wanted it to have something to do with the water – he loves it, and he’s going to miss it. My question was, “How wet do you want to get?” I think the last photo answers that question!

Big day tomorrow, graduate … congratulations.

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breathtaking …

No words for this really … just “breathtaking!” What a beautiful family. Some of my favorite photos of the day came from big brother and big sister getting creative with baby’s little shoes – so cute 🙂 And mom is a total knockout — even before she put on those outfits from Sew Trendy Accessories on Etsy. Can’t decide which one I love her in most: her angelic white or the spicy red?


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surprise …

She thought she was coming to the beach for a photo session with her 1-year-old godson. What she didn’t know was that her boyfriend and her friends had been conspiring for weeks to pull off a surprise (romantic!) beach proposal.

While her godson was “getting ready,” I asked her and her boyfriend to step out onto the beach so I could figure out the lighting and the wind for the photos. We got them into a back-to-back pose so he could pull the ring from his pocket … he gave me the thumbs up … then I asked them to turn around to face each other.

I think it is fair to say she was surprised!

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And there they are with the co-conspirators. So. Much. Fun. Congratulations D & S.